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Why Accountability Empathy and How


Bishop Alliance was founded in 2020 by John Bishop. John was a Navy brat who spent his early years in New England before eventually moving to the suburbs of Chicago.

John graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a bachelor’s degree in Fitness Management where he also played baseball. After finishing school, he moved to Utah where he has resided with his wife Connie and their daughter Louisa.

John spent some time in several different jobs assisting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities ranging in age from 3 to 61 before being inspired to find a way to be more impactful in those individuals' lives. He felt that the best way to create as large an impact as possible was to establish his own provider.

John was able to begin Bishop Alliance with several clients that he had been working with for several years. His goal for the organization is to “provide a culture that fosters physical, mental, and emotional growth through family values and an enriching environment”.

We strive to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to reach the highest level of independence and happiness possible.

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